Auction Support

A fast and professional support is essential for the success of your website. BidAuctionScript offer FREE and UNLIMITED support to all members under our discussion forum, for the life of the product. If you want to get an instant support then contact us for your requirements.

Our support comprises of an established and an expedient mean of setting up your auction website, which also covers the following key factors:

  1. Checking your server tunings for compatibility with BidAuctionScript Software
  2. Setting up BidAuctionScript Auction with your desired preferences
  3. New database setup
  4. Adapting the software to work in a higher security mode, if SSL protocol is supported by your server
  5. Checking Email functionalities and other internal functionalities within BidAuctionScript

Our web designing team experts are able to custimize the script according to customer need. They can integrate any functionality like…

  1. Website Template Change,
  2. Payment Gateway Integration,
  3. SMS Integration,
  4. Adding Buy Now Functionality,
  5. Tracking User Bid,
  6. Show all sort of reports for auction and users,
  7. And many others…

Our web designing is backed up by our programming and software development capabilities in PHP, ASP, Javascipt and others. Our programming team can provide development in more than the following application components

  1. Database integration and management,
  2. Members and admin login panel,
  3. Product and Category Directory management,
  4. Ecommerce integration,
  5. Emailing systems,
  6. And many other customized programming…

To Contact Bid Auction Script for any your Web Project need fill theĀ Request Info or send email at