Combined Bid Auction Software

Combined Unique Auction script, is a platform for sellers to sell their products by bidding process. In this seller can list auction with Lowest Unique bid and Highest Unique Bid at same platform  Users place bids for the products/auctions. The one with the lowest/highest and unique bid wins the product.

Combined (Lowest/Highest) Unique Bid Auction Demo

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Price: $249

Combined Unique Bid Auction Features

1. Manage Users:

Users of the website can be managed from this section. Admin will be able to add, edit, delete, activate/deactivate/suspend the users.

  • Manage IP Address: Manage Particular IP or User, You can inactivate and activate the vistors coming from particular IP Address
  • Manage Users: Admin can View and search users here to do particular task like Activate/Inactivate/Ban/Unban a particular User or even Delete. Sorting can be done with Username, Name, Email Address and Status.
  • Manage User Credits: Set the default credits user will get on referring a friend and doing registration with website here. Admin can search user with there First name and email address and can add/edit user credit with link available.
  • Manage Payment Fees: Add payment fee’s user need to pay if he use online payment gateways. As many payment gateways charge you for every transactions so you can add that percentage to user pay amount by setting the percentage here.
  • Manage Bidding Credits: Add/Edit/Delete Bid Credits user can buy from website at particular cost for bidding.

2. Manage Features:

Categories for different auctions can be set up in this section. Admin can add, edit, delete categories/sub Categories.

3. Manage Items:

Admin can set up an auction with different attributes like name, retail price, bidding fee, start and end date, description etc. from backend.

  • Manage Items: All the Open Auction are listed under this section. You can check there Total Bids, End Date here and also sort Items with Item name, and there status. To check who placed bid on item just click on Item Name and you can get a complete list of users.
  • Manage Closed Auction: Admin can view the Winning Bid of Closed Auction and if the Winner is Selected for the Item or not. To view the list of users who placed total bid on item click on Auction name.
  • Manage Winners: Admin can view the details of winner, Payment status, Delivery status, Total Invoice to Users here. Search with Item name to find the winner of that auction.
  • Manage Invoice: View Invoice number, Invoice Date here, Admin can set the status if payment is made by user and Product is dispatched by Site Owner here.

4. Content Management:

Admin can add the website pages here, Full YUI WYSIWYG Editor is provided can be customized according to need to manage pages of website. So Admin can update text of static pages from backend anytime without knowledge of any web software. Different content pages of the website like term and conditions, privacy policy, how it works etc can be managed from this section. Admin can add new pages, edit and delete existing pages.

5. Email Management:

Wide varities of emails are to be sent to the users for different notification purpose like registration confirmation email, forgot password email, winner notification, Successful Bid Unique, Bid Not Unique etc. Admin can create new email templates in this section and the emails will be sent the users automatically as required.

6. Other Info:

Admin can configure the website settings from this section. General meta tags and meta keywords can be managed from this section for each page. Default Email address, Social Page Ids, Default Currency, Logo and contact Address can be managed from This Section.

7. Add Banners:

Admin can add and manage banners to be displayed on right section of the website. This can be used to add other advertisement banner also and can add the html code of banner.


To know more about the functionality please check our onlie demo

Combined (Lowest/Highest) Unique Bid Auction Demo

User DemoCombined Auction Front End ( Crate new account to test Front End anytime.)

Admin DemoCombined Auction BackEnd ( Username: admin / Password: admin)

Price: $949