Bid Auction Script

We are the most reliable, trusted and flexible service provider for a Unique Bid Auction Script. We have provided full support to all our friends and clients who have used our software to earn extra cash while running their own auction website.

After dedicating 10 years of service to our supporters on lowest and highest unique bid auctions, we have once again come out of the box with our latest creation of Combined (Lowest & Highest) Unique Bid Script. Using Combined Bid Auction Script, you can run both types of auction under one roof and that too without any extra effort at your end.

Unique Auction Script

This type of auction requires bidders to place bids that are global unique bids. That is, for a bid to be eligible to win no other bidder can have made a bid for the same amount. Bidders are generally able to place multiple bids and the number of current bids at each amount is typically kept secret.

There are two major variants of unique bid auctions:

  • In a highest unique bid auction, the bid that is the highest and unmatched when the auction closes is the winning bid. A maximum bid value is usually set at a much lower level than the actual value of the lot.
  • In a lowest unique bid auction, the bid that is the lowest and unmatched when the auction closes is the winning bid.
  • Other then the basic two variants we also provide combined unique bid auction in this both type of auction are listed  in one platform. So our client can run Lowest and Highest Unique Bid Auction simultaneously.



The legality of unique bid auctions depends on a combination of governing gambling laws and the design of the specific auction model. If an investigating authority were to determine that randomness or chance plays too large a role in the outcome, the auction may be considered a type of lottery. If, on the other hand, the investigating authority found strategy and skill played a sufficient enough role in the outcome, they may find the auction to be legal. Worldwide, there are no reported cases or statutes specifically outlawing the lowest-unique bid auction or Highest-unique bid auction.

Script Support

Our goal is to develop efficient, affordable and fully engaging customizable PHP Script. The flexible and robust platform makes our script very easy to customize and modify. We also offer script installation, custom programming, script integration, script modification and custom web design. We are the only web development firm that offers a comprehensive and strategic approach to develop a result-oriented web site for your organization.

Services offered by BidAuctionScript:

  1. Script Installation
  2. Script Integration
  3. Custom Template Design
  4. Custom Programming
  5. Custom Web Design

Here is the complete list of minimum hosting requirements:

  • PHP 5.2.0 (or newer)
  • Linux Server
  • MySQL 4.2 (or Higher)
  • ionCube Loaders
  • (Available free at
  • GD Library (free)
  • Mod_rewrite function.
  • PHP cURL function.

Please contact your host directly if you are unsure if your server supports any of these, or BidAuctionScript support.

Custom Support

Say you have seen a feature on a website that you would like to add on your website, we can do that for you.

Payment Gateway Integration

  1. PayPal Payment Gateway
  2. Moneybooker Payment Gateway
  3. Payment Gateway
  4. Sagepay Payment Gateway
  5. Alertpay Payment Gateway
  6. E-gold Payment Gateway
  7. 2checkout Payment Gateway
  8. Payment Gateway
  9. Bank Merchant POS (BMP) Payment Gateway
  10. Business Gateway Service
  11. WorldCom Payment Gateway
  12. E-Commerce Africa Payment Gateway

PSD to XHTML Conversion

  1. W3C Validated XHTML/CSS coding
  2. Cross Browser Compatibility
  3. Code Standard and Naming conventions
  4. SEO semantic coding
  5. Faster in loading web pages

Website Maintenance

  1. Bug Fixing
  2. Content Updates
  3. Code Review
  4. Navigation Checking
  5. Periodic Design Updates

SMS Integration Services

  1. SMS Gateway Service
  2. SMS web services
  3. SMS Computer Services
  4. SMS Mobile Services
  5. SMS Banking Services
  6. SMS Payment Services
  7. SMS Text Messaging Service
  8. Send & Receive Integration
  9. Two-Way SMS Integration
  10. Web SMS Integration
  11. Bulk SMS Gateway

Custom Add Ons

Customize website design & logo: We allows to customize the website design and logo according to the need of the customer by providing multiple choices. Please contact us with your customization request to get the quote on same.

Payment gateway integration: Our Script comes with paypal payment gateway integration which is mostly used everywhere for credit card or online transactions. If you want to add other payment gateway or would like to give multiple payment gateway option to your users then our script is able to support that also. You can fill up the request form to know more about this.

Email and newsletter: Want to do promotions of your product with all the users? Do that using our newsletter tool available on backend. You can send customizable content to all your users from backend. If you want to add more flexibility on newsletter? like adding groups, Email Templates then you can customize it accordingly or send us the customization request.

Referral program: Our script support referral program where user send join request to users and on successful joining of there friend they get some credits. You can add more features like sending confirmation mails to user on referral joining, some more addons to users once referral join the website and all this can be done accoring to your creative ideas.

SEO-SMO: Don’t know how to promote your website on Search Engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing? Don’t worry our script is SEO friendly and you don’t need to edit the code to add H1, H2 tags as its all ready using. If you want to run promitional campain on the Search Engine or Facebook, Twitter then contact us for your requirement and we can do that for you. Please fill the request form to send your customization request.

P.S: We don’t use your unique or creative ideas of customization for our other clients. We know how important is it to be different from others to get the success, thats what we do here and respect others ideas too. We always provide different designs to our customers on customization request of desgin and also don’t provide readymade templates like others online auction providers.